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Are the Eco-Friendly Clothes you are Buying for Your Kids Truly Sustainable?

By Julia Norton 

Many “eco-friendly” stores preach they sell sustainable clothing, but is their clothing really sustainable every step of the way? 

How do you ensure you buy clothes from a truly sustainable children’s clothing store

One of the ways to identify is if the clothing label has a GOTs certification. GOTS stands for the Global Organic Textile Standard, the world’s leading textile processing standard for organic fibers. The certification is a vigorous process with environmental and social criteria, and an independent certification of the entire textile supply chain. 

Environmental criteria: 

  • ALL textile operators must have target goals and procedures to minimize waste 

  • Post-Consumer recycled or FSC certified is a must 

  • NO Chlorine bleaching 

  • NO dyes that release carcinogens

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Social Criteria: 

  • Employment is freely chosen 

  • NO discrimination & Inhumane treatment is prohibited

  • Living Wages 

  • Safe and Hygienic Work conditions

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Supply Chain Criteria: 

-- Every step of making the clothes is monitored: 

  • Farming 

  • Sewing 

  • Cutting 

  • Printing 

  • Packaging 

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What is a truly sustainable clothing store for kids with a GOTS certification?  

Little Dot to Dot  believes quality ethical fashion is in. The store has simply crafted and curated baby and children’s collections, consisting of classic and timeless styles. If you buy their clothes, you will be a part of the movement of people who support clothes with the highest standard in the fashion industry: The Global Organic Textile Standard. 


Little Dot to Dot’s suppliers have become one of the most specialized manufacturers of clothes with organic cotton, bamboo, and other sustainable and recycled materials. In fact, the suppliers they use are certified by the Control Union for the Global Organic Textile Standard, Organic Content Standard, and the Recycled Claim Standard. The Global Recycled Standard organizes a tree planting day every year and plants at least a thousand trees with the Aegean Forest Foundation to reset carbon footprints. 

Author: Julia Norton 

Bio: Julia Norton is an up and coming eco-products entrepreneur with a soft spot for frozen mangoes, and writing about environmental solutions and positive psychology. For further writing inquiries, email her @

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