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Advice for new mums | mums to be

The first weeks at home with your newborn can be so overwhelming - mentally, emotionally and physically. Here you will find some useful tips for you and your baby to survive those first few weeks.


1. Routine is key

Babies love routine and they will let you know when they're in need of something. It will mainly be milk, sleep and lots cuddles at those beginning weeks. Watch and listen out for cues and cries, you will learn their specific tones for different things.

I used a good old trusty pen and paper to help me know when and how long I was breast feeding for. However, they're so many different apps to download, with timers, prompts and alerts to help you throughout the day.

"A new baby is like the beginning of all things - wonder, hope and dream of possibilities" ~ Eda J LeShan

2. Alway ask for help!

"You're a natural" and "you've taken to motherhood so quickly" are some of the buzz quotes you will have heard people previously say, however you may not think this at the beginning as everything will seem hectic and a little chaotic. If you have a friend or family member come to visit, there is no reason you can't ask them to do the dishes or watch the baby while you get a quick shower, they want to help you just need to shout up, and that is ok.

3. Self love

Taking time for your self is the most important factor here. Happy mama = happy baby! Take a long bath, go for a massage or do an exercise class, even if it's in your living room. You need to factor in some 'me time' at least once a day if only for 30 minutes, this will help you feel like YOU and not just a mum.


Don't forget, your brand new sparkly baby won't stay this little and dependent for long so try to enjoy all these so very special moments, the hard times will pass and you won't feel this exhausted forever.


taking care go myself doesn't mean 'me first'. It means 'me too' ~ L.R Knosts


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